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Approach to New Projects

I am refocusing my sights and pivoting back to an abandoned place of familiarity, but on my own terms. 3 years ago, I remember being quite raw in my work and not understanding the place it was coming from. I was just creating because I felt like I had to and that I actually had to. After a few years of thinking, self exploring, research, lived experiences, revisiting my past, and tapping into resources, including talking with friends and family, I think I am back to a place where I am comfortable to be vulnerable and "uncomfortable" again. Being an open book, sharing my life experiences, and "naivety", exploring girlhood, womanhood, adultification bias, love, emotions, empathy, sexuality, the sacredness of sanctuary, the home and room space, and being a wallflower have all been common topics that keep showing up in my work. These topics, though a hazy mystical area for me that I instinctively emit, are an area that speaks to me the most and a desire I want to learn plenty about.

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